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Foo Tables Welcome to Compass

First Name Last Name Job Title BOB Status
Tiger Nixon System Architect Edinburgh 61 Suspended
Garrett Accountant Tokyo 63 Active
Cox Author San 66 Disabled
Kelly Brielle Edinburgh 22 Active
Airi Satou Accountant Tokyo 33 Active
Brielle Specialist New York 61 Disabled
Herrod Chandler Sales Assistant San 59 Suspended
Rhona Davidson Specialist Tokyo 55 Active
Colleen Hurst Javascript Developer San 39 Disabled
Sonya Frost Software Edinburgh 23 Suspended
Jena Gaines Office Manager London 30 Active
Flynn Support Lead Edinburgh 22 Disabled
Charde Marshall Regional Director San 36 Suspended
Haley Kennedy Senior Marketing Designer London 43 Active
Tatyana Fitzpatrick Regional Director London 19 Disabled
Michael Silva Marketing Designer London 66 Suspended
Paul Byrd (CFO) New York 64 Active
Gloria Little Systems Administrator New York 59 Disabled
Bradley Greer Software London 41 Suspended