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Handcrafted Applications

Rated 4.7/5 in Customer Satisfaction | Wrraptheme
app calendar


An App to schedule and manage all your events and appoinments.

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app calendar tui

Calendar Tui

An unique app the manage all your events beautifully.

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app Inbox

Inbox App

An app to check all your emails.

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app Chat

Chat App

An app to chat with all the individuals and the groups.

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app Campaigns


Do you want to manage your campaigns? This is the best in class app for the campaigns.

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app Social

Social App

Manage all the social media campaigns within the admin panel.

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app File Manager

File Manager

A Dashboard to manage all your files within.

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app Todo

Todo list

Track everything that needs to be done and which is already done.

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app Contact

Contact List

Manage a list of contacts in a beautful design.

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app Taks

My Taks

An app to see, track, update status and assign tasks to team and get updates from the team.

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app Project

My Project

A unique handcrafted app to track status and progress of the project.

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Kanban Board

Kanban Board

Manage your tasks in a beautiful KanBan application.

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My Blog

My Blog

A full app to manage blog activities.

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